Smarter House - Building Envelope

Smarter House gives tips on identifying and sealing up the building envelope in existing homes as a first line of defense against thermal infiltration.

ENERGY STAR - Seal and Insulate

The Energy Star website gives guidance on identifying energy saving opportunities, identifying Energy Star approved products, and ways to complete energy saving projects yourself to provide up to a 10% savings on your annual energy bills.

Whole Building Design Guide

Looking to design your own home? This guide contains a wealth of information comparing different types of building materials and techniques along with building science principles to decide whether they are right for your home.

ENERGY STAR - Home Advisor

Are you ready to increase your home's energy efficiency and all-around comfort? With the ENERGY STAR® Home Advisor, you can create a profile of your home's energy efficiency features and get a prioritized list of energy-saving recommendations customized to your home.

Comparing Continuous Insulation R-Values in Steel vs. Wood Framing

Seeing impressions of studs in a wall system during an infrared scan is one thing, but how much of a difference does thermal bridging actually make? Well, if your assembly utilizes steel studs, the answer is: A LOT.