Windows can easily coexist with exterior continuous insulation of many thicknesses. With a whole building analysis, increasing the level of continuous insulation can allow for larger windows while maintaining the same level of overall building thermal performance. Modern detailing methods improve moisture management around fenestration openings. 

Tools & Education

Break it, or Lose it: Thermal Bridging in Building Envelopes

Details and information on the use of CI to avoid thermal bridges

Best Practices

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Practical Research

Development of Thermal Bridging Factors for Use in Energy Models

This work provides practical guidelines for the mitigation and reduction of thermal bridge problems in existing and new Army facilities. A wide range of building types was investigated from which nine common types were identified, and a number of important thermal bridge details were chosen for each.

Thermal Performance of Façades

This investigation seeks to quantify the effects of thermal bridging in commercial facades and then propose alternative solutions to improve performance by comparing infrared images of recently completed buildings to theoretical models. 

Additional Information

Continuous Insulation and Punched Openings Windows Can Be A Pain

The water control layer of the wall has to connect to the water control layer of the window.

Building Science Insights: Stuck On You

One of the dirty little secrets that never gets talked about is that water leaks through building papers, building wraps and housewraps and runs down between them and the sheathings that they cover.