Invest in the Envelope

"No matter what you choose to underlie the cladding of your home, think of it as that all-important subcutaneous layer of skin that helps regulate your body temperature by providing insulation, mediating moisture through pores, and acting as a shock absorber to protect muscles from harm. Your home’s skin works precisely the same way. It provides insulation and waterproofing while allowing moisture to evaporate and protecting the structure from wind, rain, and other environmental assaults. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and your home’s envelope is likewise the most significant structural assembly, which makes choosing products to get it right well worth the effort to ensure the building’s energy efficiency and longevity."   

Fernando Pagés Ruiz • Homebuilder, Developer & Author 

Case Studies

The following case studies, provided by members of ACC's Foam Sheathing Committee, bring to life the many benefits of using foam plastic insulating sheathing (FPIS) as continuous insulation in a variety of building projects and applications.

Case Study: 11 E Lenox Multifamily Building, Boston, MA

11 E Lenox Multifamily Building

Boston’s first ground-up mass timber passive house project integrates innovative 5-in-1 wall assembly.

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Case Study: San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center

San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center

This 260,000 square foot correctional center in Redwood City, CA was completed in 2015.

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Case Study: St. Marcus Lutheran School

St. Marcus Lutheran School

To meet growing demand for student enrollments, Milwaukee’s St. Marcus Lutheran School completed a 40,000 sq. ft expansion in 2016.

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Case Study: East Prairie Elementary School

East Prairie Elementary School

East Prairie Elementary School is designed to house 700 students in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten through 8th Grade in Skokie, Illinois. The owner of the new school wanted to meet construction standards that would be durable for years to come. 

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Case Study: Barton Hills

Barton Hills, Texas

FPIS enhances energy efficiency and comfort of Austin residence in major renovation effort.

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Case Study: The Nature Place

The Nature Place

A brand-new preschool in Reading, PA takes sustainability, environmental friendliness, and the use of its natural surroundings to the highest level.

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Case Study: Housing for Heroes

DOE Tour of Zero: Housing for Heroes by United Way of Long Island

In addition to energy efficiency and cost savings, these homes were designed to provide aging-in-place features and a healthy environment so they contribute to occupant health.

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Case Study: Race Pace Bicycles

Race Pace Bicycles

Baltimore area bike retailer expansion uses foam sheathing for exterior wall insulation for the building's metal wall panel system.

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Case Study: Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University

FPIS plays key role in KSU's impressive new student center.

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Case Study: Wayne State University

Wayne State University

Continuous insulation solutions in this mixed-use student housing project in Detroit eliminated the air barrier and gypsum, resulting in notable environmental impacts.

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Case Study: Builders Evolve Advanced Wall Systems

Builders Evolve Advanced Wall Systems

Housing Innovation Award winners include use of foam sheathing in developing new ways to build high-performance walls.

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Case Study: Musty Basement Transformed

Musty Basement Transformation

Using FPIS in this residential remodel improved moisture control and energy efficiency in a space designed to bring together a growing family.

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Case Study: Kent State University College of Architecture & Environmental Design

Kent State University College of Architecture & Environmental Design

This 117,000 square foot addition to the Kent State University campus was completed in 2016.

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