The Applied Building Technology Group has created a tool designed to simplify and assist in complying with the complexities of the International Residential Code’s (IRC) wall bracing provisions while making it easier to consider various code-compliant wall bracing options for an optimal wall assembly design.

The IRC Wood Wall Bracing Calculator determines allowable stress design (ASD) wind loads (based on user inputs) in accordance with the ASCE 7 standard and certain and certain conservative assumptions used to develop and simplify the IRC wall bracing prescriptive requirements. 

The user is encouraged to confirm the suitability of this tool for the intended application, verify all outputs and recommendations, and seek professional advice as determined necessary.

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Get a brief overview of this handy tool designed to simplify code compliance with regard to wall bracing provisions. To better understand the value of this calculator, take a deep dive into prescriptive wall bracing provisions and compliance in the video below. Visit the Structural Resources page for additional information.

Take a deep dive into 2021 IRC Wall Bracing Provisions, steps for code compliance, and additional resources recently added to the Structural Resources application page. These timestamps will help you navigate this detailed video:

  • 3:09 – Preliminaries
  • 6:53 – Basic Concepts
  • 12:44 – Review of IRC Wall Bracing Provisions
  • 44:19 – Steps for IRC Wall Bracing Compliance
  • 54:03 – IRC Bracing Calculator
  • 57:03 – Additional Resources
  • 58:47 – Q&A