Diagram of how the code development process works

While the Group B 2019 I-Code development process may have recently wrapped up (although, there are some appeals still to deal with), there is no rest for the model code community. The ICC recently released its schedule for the development of the 2021 Group A I-Codes and 2022 Group B I-Codes.

Essentially, the 2021 edition of the I-Codes will be published sometime in the fall of 2020 and the deadline for 2021 Group A code change proposals is January 11, 2021. Committee Action Hearings (CAHs) will occur April 11-21, 2021 in Rochester, NY, and public comments will be due July 2, 2021, with Public Comment Hearings (PCHs) September 22-29, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA.

To see all the dates, click on the pdf link below.

2021-2022 I-Code Development Schedule