Four state legislatures recently took action on measures that would have a significantly negative impact on the adoption of progressive energy code provisions.

South Dakota: The South Dakota Senate approved HB 1161 that requires localities that approve an ordinance setting building code standards to adopt the 2018 edition of the International Building Code, which includes the IECC. Local governments are permitted to amend the state code but for localities that don’t adopt a code, the bill requires the use the 2018 IBC.

Idaho: The Idaho House passed  HB 547 which would preempt local governments from adopting updates to the state building code, making it harder for locals to upgrade to newer codes.

Washington: The Washington Senate rejected an amendment to HB 1622 that would have required substantial amendments to the state building codes be adopted no more frequently than every six years.

Minnesota: The Minnesota Senate State Government Finance and Policy Committee approved SF 2567 which requires that any proposed rules that are expected to raise the cost of housing by $1,000 to be subject to additional reviews, be sent to the Legislature, and be placed on hold for at least a year. The bill is supported by the Building Association of Minnesota and would impede updates to the state’s residential building code, including the energy code.