Below are brief summaries of legislative actions being taken that would impact building codes:

Legislation has been introduced in the Florida House and Senate that would require manufacturers to provide code officials with product test reports upon request. HB 511 and SB 732 are intended to hold manufacturers accountable for testing residential insulation products in accordance with ASTM standards.

A Maryland bill (HB 153) introduced this week extends the time from 18 months to 36 months within which the Maryland Department of Labor is required to adopt each subsequent version of the Maryland Building Performance Standard, their statewide building code. This change may significantly alter the timeline for adoption of newer versions of the IECC and/or provisions therein favorable to the foam insulation industry.

HB 2667 would require the Washington State Building Code Council to delay implementation of the 2018 state residential energy code and would prohibit the Code Council from increasing energy efficiency requirements in the code.