Many products exist for fastening foam sheathing to wood or steel structural framing elements. Three cap nails

Typically cap nails or roofing nails are used to attach the ci to the studs or wall sheathing. 

With proper fasteners, cladding or other materials may be attached through foam sheathing to structural framing elements. See Research Report on Attachment of Exterior Wall Coverings Through Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) to Wood or Steel Wall Framing.


Tapes for foam sheathing joints must comply with the foam sheathing manufacturer’s instructions especially when using foam sheathing ci as part of a water resistive barrier assembly. 

Roll of black butyl tapeButyl Tapes - Are often used for flashing windows and doors. They are solvent-based adhesives that are waterproof and impermeable. However, they may be vulnerable to temperature, UV light, or chemical exposure. 

Roll of clear acrylic tapeAcrylic Tapes - Are often used for sealing foam sheathing seams or house wrap materials. They may be water or solvent based adhesives, and are resistant to temperature, UV light, or chemicals which means higher durability.