Step 2: Install FPIS Joint Treatment/Tape


  • Where the FPIS is being installed as an approved water-resistive barrier (WRB) system and/or an air barrier, the FPIS joints must be sealed.

    • For FPIS installations where a separate WRB material is specified, FPIS joints are not generally required to be sealed.  Refer to the applicable WRB material manufacturer for installation instructions.

  • Refer to the FPIS manufacturer’s instructions for approved joint treatments, such as a specific brand or type of adhesive construction tape or adhered flashing.

  • Do not substitute different joint treatments than specified by the FPIS manufacturer’s approved instructions.

  • Install joint treatments using methods specified by the FPIS manufacturer ensuring proper bonding and sealing of joints.

  • Verify conditions for successful installation (surfaces are clean and dry, suitable outdoor temperature range, etc.)

images showing do's and don'ts for installing FPIS joint treatment/tape


For more information on FPIS applications, refer to:

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