Walls using foam sheathing can meet all structural code requirements with simple specification and planning.

Tools & Education

Research report intended to supplement the window manufacturer's installation instructions, where installation over foam sheathing is not specifically addressed. Also suitable as an alternative method of installation based on commonly accepted field practice. Available as a sealed code compliance report. 

Requirements for installation of vinyl siding over foam sheathing in thicknesses up to 4" when used as thermal insulation in exterior walls. Available as a sealed code compliance report. 

This guide provides designers, code officials and builders a basic understanding of how to apply the IRC bracing provisions for code-compliant dwellings and how the IRC bracing provisions can be used to create maximum value in a diverse housing market.

Best Practices

Standard Requirements for Wind Pressure Resistance of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing Used in Exterior Walls

Additional Information

This report covers calculation of lateral values for single dowel type fastener connections to wood framing using a generalized and expanded form of the NDS yield limit equations that allows for a 'gap' in the connection for foam sheathing. 

Includes information on the compressive strength of Polyiso

Information on the compressive strength of several types of EPS 

Includes information on the strength properties of several types of of XPS 

Practical Research

As energy codes continue to become more stringent, the thickness of continuous installation has increased. This report examines problems and solutions for fastening systems where thick foam is used.