Like most building materials, foam plastic insulating sheathing (FPIS) only performs as well as it is installed. This resource provides installation guidance and illustrations to help promote proper installation of FPIS in a variety of applications. 

Start with the General Installation Requirements and then select from the list below to access installation guidance specific to a given building assembly application. Please note that these general instructions are intended to align with a Grade I installation of foam sheathing for energy rating in accordance with the RESNET 301 standard.

Installation Guidance for:

General Installation Requirements

  • FPIS application must comply with locally adopted building and energy codes and approved construction documents (plans and specifications).
  • FPIS installation methods, if not specified and detailed on approved construction documents, should follow the FPIS manufacturer’s instructions or an approved design.
  • FPIS materials shall be protected from damage or deterioration during storage, handling, and construction. 
  • Damaged FPIS products and components shall be repaired or replaced in a manner suitable to achieve its intended function.
  • The condition of substrate materials to which FPIS is installed shall be verified as suitable prior to FPIS installation.
  • Good construction site safety practices should be maintained at all times.

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DISCLAIMER: The installation concepts provided on this website are for informational purposes only and are provided “as is.” It is the responsibility of the user/installer to verify suitability of any installation method for project-specific conditions and to comply with manufacturer instructions, local building code requirements, approved construction documents, and other applicable requirements.