Model Moisture Control Guidelines for Light-Frame Walls

Provides actionable guidelines to effectively consider, evaluate, and manage the balance of wetting and drying potential in common above-grade, light-frame wall assemblies in a broad range of climate conditions.

Window Installation in Walls with Foam Sheathing

Covers four common methods of installing flanged windows in wood wall framing

Attachment of Exterior Wall Coverings Through FPIS

Includes information on attaching to both wood and steel wall framing

Water Resistive Barrier System with Foam Sheathing

Foam sheathing, properly taped, is a code-compliant and effective WRB

Air Space R-Value

How does one characterize the R-value of an air space? 

NFPA 285 Testing and Engineering Extensions

Includes use of the alternative materials provision of the code to extend NFPA 285 test results to similar wall assemblies of equal or better performance in assemblies using foam sheathing.