Continuous Insulation used in a variety of ways.

Continuous insulation is used on foundations, exterior walls, and roofs. Foam plastic insulating sheathing (FPIS) as continuous insulation (ci) provides maximum thermal performance by minimizing thermal bridging. It provides optimal assemblies that dry and also minimize seasonal moisture variations, creating a stable and durable environment for the building structure and interior. Continuous insulation products also can provide multiple functions including thermal insulation, water-resistive barrier, and air barrier (some composites even add a wall-bracing function or roof ventilation function). While the options and opportunities are significant, the application must also accommodate cladding installation, fire performance requirements, and other matters important to overall constructability and code compliance. (For more information on individual FPIS products, visit members of the Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC) of the American Chemistry Council.)

Learn more about all of these applications of FPIS ci in this educational overview. This presentation addresses these topics based on a comprehensive body of building science knowledge resulting in recent building code and energy code advancements and makes use of many technical resources found on this website.

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For more information, explore the benefits of FPIS ci.